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Ultra-filtration System

  • UF Ultra Filtration Equipment
  • UF Ultra Filtration Equipment
  • UF Ultra Filtration Equipment
  • UF Ultra Filtration Equipment
UF Ultra Filtration EquipmentUF Ultra Filtration EquipmentUF Ultra Filtration EquipmentUF Ultra Filtration Equipment

UF Ultra Filtration Equipment

  • Product description: 1) Ultra-filtration is a separation process between microfiltration and nanofiltration. 2) Ultra-filtration is widely used for water purifying treatment, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, elec

Ultra-filtration (UF) is one of the membrane separation technologies based on pressure. For the purpose of separating macromolecules from small molecules, the membrane pore size is between 20 and 1000 A.

In the ultra-filtration process, the aqueous solution flows through the surface of the membrane under a certain pressure, the solvent and small molecular solute smaller than the pores of the membrane pass through the ultra-filtration membrane to become a purification liquidThe solute and solute groups which are larger than the membrane pore are trapped by the ultra-filtration membrane and discharged as concentrate. The ultra-filtration process is dynamic filtration and the separation is done in a flowing state.

The solute and solvent of the small molecule pass through a special film of a certain pore size, so that the macromolecular solute is impermeable and remains on one side of the membrane, so that the solution is partially purified.

In the process of water purification treatment, ultra-filtration uses a new technology of hollow fiber filtration, combined with three-stage pre-treatment filtration to remove impurities in tap water; ultra-filtration micropores less than 0.01 micron can completely filter out bacteria, rust, colloids and other harmful substances in water. Substance, retaining trace elements and minerals in the water.

Ultra-filtration is a separation process between microfiltration and nanofiltration. There is no clear dividing line between the three. In general, the pore size of ultra-filtration membranes is between 0.05 um and 1 nm, and its operating pressures is around 0.1–0.5 Mpa. It is mainly used to intercept macromolecules such as suspended solids, colloids, particles, bacteria and viruses, etc in water.

due to its feature of separation of macromolecules and small molecules. Ultra-filtration membranes have been widely used in many fields such as advanced treatment of drinking water, industrial ultra-pure water and concentrated separation of solutions.

The ultra-filtration membrane has a minimum molecular weight cutoff of 500 Daltons and can be used in bio-pharmaceuticals to separate proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids, polysaccharides, peptides, antibiotics, viruses, and the like.

possessing the advantages of no phase transfer, no need to add any chemicals, operating at low temperature, faster filtration rate, convenient for aseptic processing, which properties could simplify the separation process and avoid loss of activity and denaturation of the bio-active material, ultra-filtration technology is often used for:

(1) Desalination and concentration of macromolecular substances, and exchange equilibrium of macromolecular substance solvent systems.

(2) Fractionation of macromolecular substances.

(3) Depyrogen treatment of biochemical preparations or other preparations.

Ultrafiltration technology has become an indispensable tool in many fields such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, electronics industry and environmental protection.