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What is raw water, softened water, desalted water, pure water and ultra-pure water?

1) Raw water refers to untreated water. In a broad sense, the water before entering the water treatment process is also considered as the raw water of the water treatment process.

2) Softened water refers to the removal of hardness elements in water (mainly calcium, magnesium ions) reach to a certain degree. During the softening process, only the hardness decreased, but the total salt content does not change.

3) Desalted water refers to the removal of salt dissolved in water (mainly strong electrolyte elements) reach to a certain degree. Its conductivity is generally 1.0-10.0uS/cm, resistivity (25°C) is (0.1-1.0) x 106Ω•cm, salt content is 1-5mg/L

4) Pure water means that the electrolyte (include strong electrolytes and weak electrolytes , such as SiO2, CO2, etc.) in water are removed or reduced to a certain extent, and the electrical conductivity is generally 1.0-0.1uS/cm, and resistivity (25°C) (1.0-10.0). x 106Ω•cm, salt content <1mg/L

5) Ultra-pure water means that the conductive medium in the water is almost completely removed, while the gas, colloids and organic substances (including bacteria, etc.) that does not dissociate are also removed to a very low level. Its conductivity is generally 0.1-0.055uS/cm, resistivity (25°C) > 10x 106Ω•cm, and salt content is <0.1mg/L.

Should to point out, The ideal (theoretical) pure water conductivity is 0.05uS/cm, and the resistivity (25°C) is 18.3x 106Ω•cm.

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