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What are One Stage and Two-stage Reverse Osmosis?

Regarding to two-stage reverse osmosis,  we could simply consider it as two sets of one-stage reverse osmosis system, the two are connected in series.

in order to get high quality pure water to meet our requirement and standard, sometimes the water quality of one-stage Reverse Osmosis system is not pure enough, we will use the output water of one-stage as the raw water of the second-stage reverse osmosis, thereby we will get the final pure water which pass through two times reverse osmosis.

Two factors determine whether we choose one-stage or two-stage...

A) the quality of your raw water.

B) the final water quality you want, or the application field of your final pure water. ( this is the main factor)

For packaged drinking water producing purpose, to meet the water quality standard, we should adopt two-stage reverse osmosis.

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