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Water Quality Standard

'Purified Bottled Drinking water' (GB 17323 - 2010)

Definition of Purified Bottled Drinking water: Take water that meets the sanitary standards for potable water as a water source. It is prepared by distillation, deionization or ion exchange, reverse osmosis and other appropriate processing methods. It is sealed in a container and does not contain any additives, could be drunk directly.

'Purified Bottled Drinking water' (GB 17323 - 2010) stipulates that the water source for Purified Bottled Drinking water must meet the technical requirements of GB-5749, the sensory requirements should meet the requirements of Table A, and the physicochemical indexes of quality should meet the requirements of Table B. The physical and chemical indicators of pollution shall comply with the provisions of Table C, and the microbiological indicators shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of GB-17324.

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