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How to store ion exchange resin and keep it in a good condition?

The storage of ion exchange resin is very important

1) Prevent Frozen

Ion exchange resin should be stored indoors, and the ambient temperature should be kept at 5-40 °C. The resin contains a certain amount of water while leave factory. If the temperature is below 0 ° C, the resin will be pulverized and cracked due to the frozen of water contained in resin, thereby losing ion exchange capacity.

If the ambient temperature around the resin may be lower than 5 ° C, the resin may be stored in an salt solution, because the salt solution has a lower freezing temperature. different concentration of salt solution have its own frozen point. please refer to the below table to make a proper salt solution.

Salt content (%) density ratio (while 10 ° C)
freezing temperature (° C)
5 1.04 -3.0
10 1.07 -7.0
15 1.11 -10.8
20 1.15 -16.3
23.5 1.18 -21.2

2) Prevent Dry

if the ion exchange resin is dried ( due to any reason, such as heat, sun, water evaporation, or water disappears during storage and use, etc.), it would cause the resin to shrink or expand, resulting in resin pulverized or mechanical strength loss, loss or reduce ion exchange capacity.

When this happens, the resin should not be directly put into water, but it should be immersed into saturated brine to slow down the speed of the resin spanding to avoid resin break.

should to note, Ion exchange resins should not be stacked in the open air.

In addition, the ion exchange resin is not suitable for long-term storage, generally not more than 5 years, otherwise,  the exchange capacity is significantly reduced, especially the anion exchange resin.

3) Prevent Mildew

If the ion-exchange resin filled into exchanger is not used for a long time, it will grow moss and breed bacteria to make it moldy and cause resin contamination. Therefore, water changes and backwashing must be performed on a regular basis. It can also be immersed and disinfected with a 1.5% formaldehyde solution.

4) For the storage of ion exchange resins, different grades of resin, especially anion and cation exchange resin, must be stored separately and must not be mixed.

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