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How to Remove Iron and Manganese Contained in Water?

Water containing excessive amounts of iron and manganese is not suitable for drinking and industrial production. This higher iron and manganese water is often groundwater.

The process of removing iron from water is composed of three parts: aeration, oxidation reaction and filtration. In practice, contact oxidation is widely used to remove iron.

After aeration and oxygenation, part of the iron contained in water will be oxidized into high valence iron which is insoluble in water. When passing through filter, it will be removed under the adsorption function of the manganese sand filter. At the same time, the oxidation reaction occurs during the contact with the manganese sand filter material, and a catalytically active iron filter membrane is gradually formed on the surface of the filter material. The catalytic action of the iron filter membrane greatly accelerates the oxidation rate of the divalent iron in the water. Thereby further playing the role of iron removal.

Contact oxidation method is widely used for the removal of manganese as well. After aeration, the water containing manganese is filtered through the manganese sand filter, and the high valence manganese hydroxide is gradually adsorbed on the surface of the filter material to form a manganese filter membrane, which has contact catalysis, thereby greatly accelerating the oxidation rate, the divalent manganese in water is also oxidized to trivalent manganese and adsorbed and removed.

However, iron and manganese are often coexist in water, and the redox potential of iron is lower than that of manganese. the ferrous iron becomes a reducing agent for high valence manganese, the oxidation of divalent manganese is greatly hindered. Therefore, when iron and manganese coexist in water, iron should be removed first, followed by manganese removal. if the iron and manganese content in the water is high, a two-stage filtration treatment is required.

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