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Classification of Industrial Boiler Water

The function of the boiler is mainly to convert water vapor into heat. Therefore, water is the main medium for boiler work. Boiler water has very strict quality standards. Different types of boilers, as well as different parts of the boiler, require different quality standard of water. In order to facilitate the distinction, the boiler water should firstly be classified.
1, Raw Water:
refers to natural water without any treatment. The raw water mainly comes from river water, well water or municipal tap water.
2, Feed Water:
The water that directly enters the boiler,  be used for evaporating or heating is called feed water. The feed water is usually composed of two parts: Makeup Water and Boiler Backwater.
3. Makeup water (supplemental water).
During the operation of boiler, a part of the water may be lost due to sampling, sewage discharge, leakage, etc., and other reasons, for example, backwater could not be recycled due to contaminated, or there is no steaming backwater in some situation. it is necessary to supplement the water to meet the water quality requirements. This part of the water is called makeup water (supplemental water).
Make-up water is the part of the boiler feed water. Makeup water and Boiler Backwater together make up the Feed Water.
Because of the water quality requirement of boiler, the makeup water need to be treated before using.  under the situation that there is no recycled boiler backwater,  makeup water will be Feed Water.
4. Boiler Backwater.
When the heat of steam or hot water is utilized, its condensed or low-temperature water should be recycled as much as possible. This part of the water is called boiler backwater. Increasing the proportion of backwater could not only improve water quality,  but reduce the work to produce make-up water. If steam or hot water has been heavily contaminated in the production process, it cannot be recycled.
5. Soften water.
Raw water being softened to a certain standard, it is called Soften water.
6, Boiler Pot Water.
The water flowing in the operating boiler system is called boiler water.
7, Boiler Wastewater
In order to remove impurities (excess salt, alkalinity, etc.) and suspended water slag in the boiler pot water to keep the boiler pot water quality within standard range of requirements, it is necessary to discharge a part of the pot water. the discharged water is called as Boiler Wastewater.
8. Cooling water.
The water used to cool an auxiliary equipment of the boiler during boiler operation is called cooling water. Cooling water is often raw water.

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